Humor is serious business

Humor is serious business

As we progress on the strategic path of content marketing trend, we see color to color-less content surrounded by bold and beautiful story. Often leading to success and conversion.

Content comes in different shape and size, theme and trend. What becomes remarkable is the one which makes the BRAND – the consumable, acceptable, sell-able.

Content could be categorized broadly into humorous , insightful , emotional , picture , bad taste (cruel). Though I wont deny there are sub category for social media content. These are also mixed and integrated to create very attractive contents.

Let us consider humorous contents. Based on my observation, humorous captures 30% of the content trend among many brands. Though content with picture is playing dominant role in the social media platform. Also rule of the game says content with pictures attracts consumers. of-course, after all brand is seen first before consumed!

How Humor play a role in building great content? Why it is risky and why it is an easy way to success…

HUMOR is MEMORABLE – content with humor elements stay long in the minds of consumer.

Brand associating with humorous character would be have distinct advantage in the minds of consumer. Example – Mickey Mouse branding for a known brand product. It will create deep impact in consumer of all age group.

Similar to the trend in India – policybazaar TVC showing comedian Kapil advertising for the brand offering. This would have a long lasting effect in the consumer mind.


Humor contents of good taste is often shared fast and spread across platform/channels. Hence it is cost effective and gets better by the day. Brand should follow this trend. Sometime it is better to understand the demographic and culture of the target market to make more acceptable.

GREAT ICEBREAKER – HUMOR contents are easy to get back to the audience you lost some time back. Consumer would forgive the brand of being off the social scene quite a while. Brand could easily get back in the popular circuit with a big event or occasion. Like the #supperbowl, #diwali (in India), mother and fathers Day. Humor is interactive and it add the #lol to the brand communication strategy.

However – HUMOR content / post can get risky if it gets off the track in sending the message.

Time and situation and context should align for a perfect humor content. Example below (source: hootsuite) –

humor went wrong

Next time when we are creating #content, let us add some #haha. And then analyze the response.

Humor is serious business