Social Media of SMBs

Most used marketing tool by SMBs, according to a report by Waspbarcode.
Most used marketing tool by SMBs, according to a report by Waspbarcode.

Small and Medium Scale Business (SMBs) in India represents almost close to 90-95% of Indian Enterprise

Small and midsize businesses emerging as sizeable market with IT investments growing at over 15 percent, reveals new study, which underscores need for IT vendors to localize products for smaller enterprises.

The study revealed that 500,000 SMBs in India currently have Web sites and 2 million have Internet access. Growing PC adoption is also another growth driver, with 4 million SMBs already using personal computers. This number is expected to grow 30 percent from 2011 to 2015, doubling the size of PC-enabled SMBs.

According to a MR company, India is still largely a hardware market. “The SMBs in India are very different from SMBs in the developed world where small enterprises have a higher understanding of IT.”

The unorganized segment represents enterprises with a lack of defined business processes which run for subsistence and by first-generation owners, while the sophisticated group is identified as those with business processes adapted from industry benchmarks and global best practices, which are keen to evolve as an enterprise and are taken over by the second generation owners (per a MR company)

All the above facts are encouraging yet challenging for the digital market strategist to bring the SMBs on same platform of social media acceptance. We are still talking about IT hardware adoptability among SMBs in India. So how they will tweet.

There need to be categorical shift from legacy mindset to the new era of social media channel. This should come from more localized approach to make SMBs in the hinterland of India to start talking about their business fashionably on social channels.

According to my assessment, it needs to be done or approached by keeping following in mind:

  1. The local social media marketing approach – content should be more appealing to local business environment. May be more regional specific to attract local suppliers, vendors.
  2. Unique support models are required to bring them to main stream digital marketing platform. Show them the value of being social and then transform their marketing strategy around it.
  3. Customized pricing based on different verticals , business needs , product segment
  4. Digital marketers should understand the SMB workflow, supply chain knowledge, result of which help both the party to optimize social media effort. This will help them give customize services to different SMBs /SMEs

All said …we cannot ignore the budget allocation in SMEs in India on marketing. Traditionally they are very low and on top we want them to invest on social media. We should watch out this space as the SMEs progress on being more e-skilled.

The large and best organized companies should take it as an added effort to encourage Small scale companies to invest on social media platform. This could be their ancillary partners as car OEMs.

Social Media of SMBs