Humor is serious business

Humor is serious business

As we progress on the strategic path of content marketing trend, we see color to color-less content surrounded by bold and beautiful story. Often leading to success and conversion.

Content comes in different shape and size, theme and trend. What becomes remarkable is the one which makes the BRAND – the consumable, acceptable, sell-able.

Content could be categorized broadly into humorous , insightful , emotional , picture , bad taste (cruel). Though I wont deny there are sub category for social media content. These are also mixed and integrated to create very attractive contents.

Let us consider humorous contents. Based on my observation, humorous captures 30% of the content trend among many brands. Though content with picture is playing dominant role in the social media platform. Also rule of the game says content with pictures attracts consumers. of-course, after all brand is seen first before consumed!

How Humor play a role in building great content? Why it is risky and why it is an easy way to success…

HUMOR is MEMORABLE – content with humor elements stay long in the minds of consumer.

Brand associating with humorous character would be have distinct advantage in the minds of consumer. Example – Mickey Mouse branding for a known brand product. It will create deep impact in consumer of all age group.

Similar to the trend in India – policybazaar TVC showing comedian Kapil advertising for the brand offering. This would have a long lasting effect in the consumer mind.


Humor contents of good taste is often shared fast and spread across platform/channels. Hence it is cost effective and gets better by the day. Brand should follow this trend. Sometime it is better to understand the demographic and culture of the target market to make more acceptable.

GREAT ICEBREAKER – HUMOR contents are easy to get back to the audience you lost some time back. Consumer would forgive the brand of being off the social scene quite a while. Brand could easily get back in the popular circuit with a big event or occasion. Like the #supperbowl, #diwali (in India), mother and fathers Day. Humor is interactive and it add the #lol to the brand communication strategy.

However – HUMOR content / post can get risky if it gets off the track in sending the message.

Time and situation and context should align for a perfect humor content. Example below (source: hootsuite) –

humor went wrong

Next time when we are creating #content, let us add some #haha. And then analyze the response.

Humor is serious business

Brillo – Google IoT way to approach Smart home market


Google is set to take on Apple also in the Smart home market space (part of the Real Estate boom). Interesting to watch this space as it already assessed to be a $billion market. The new OS name as of now Brillo is designed to work on low power devices. The aim is to account it to be more user friendly, cost effective and hit the last mile market with different technology at all layer. Google has also partnered with Samsung to win the smart home automation market for network protocol. Apple has already invested into networking protocol, developer homeKit, automation interface enabler through iPhone etc. Surely the market is heating and several players including smart home device, appliance manufacturers are working on to be successful in the supply chain. Digital is the keyword here.

Google move is more of a natural service cum platform provider than an opportunist. Google has NestLabs, it has search engine, it has the OS and now it will know what consumer do after taking a shower. It has the Android market size which is maturing with new Apps, startups, and the smartphone war. Truly a world of digital system and information technology.

Apart from matured market, home automation and companies working around it will find acceptance in emerging market such as India. India which is upbeat about its digital transformation with make in India and Digital India initiatives.


Brillo is the natural discovery for the Nest purchase by Google

Google has already proved its dominance into internet search engine – Brillo will give access to get into smart appliance information

Samsung could be a natural partner to Google for developing networking protocol in this market though they also compete in different market

Google and Apple’s smart automations technology offerings will help different companies to decide on their go-to-market strategy and product innovation

This space and platform will also excite the social media enthusiast and could disrupt the way we networking and share.

Of course it will impact the digital marketing strategy

Overall we are opening up with new set of ideas, challenges, and discoveries with IoT

Brillo – Google IoT way to approach Smart home market

SnapChat : the New #CONTEN-DER for the On-The-GO creative consumer

 Snapchat high engagement
Snapchat high engagement

SnapChat is a toast to brands which like to engage the Generation Z , then the wait is over and traction is catching : Per comScore Dec 2014,

45% of contributors are in the Age group of 18-24 years on Snapchat. Amazing!

Apps based messaging is catching: There is a shift of consumers  sharing content privately as opposed to publicly open news feeds, due to the rise of private messaging Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Line. Brands need to understand the chaging landscape of Social media engagement. Are you for long term engament or for shrot term flings with FANs.

Snapchat way:

It is about 1:1 communication, live , on-the-go sharing. It is about Story Telling experience platform. Brands love stories.  Unlike Facebook and Twitter aggressive marketing , Snapchat is about Discovering. It allows creativity to unleash full potential. It is not clicks and share and like.  I will say it is a disruption the way we generate, post , consumer content.

Privacy is the USP here and people would love to experience how Brand entertain them.

Consumer: the next generation are the target audience of Snapchat.

Content: The focus is live events, live storytelling and sharing an experience in a fun and narrative way. Add snaps to your story throughout an experience makes it a very creative opportunity for users.

It allows teens to tell story around the events they are attending, place or location  they are. If you send your Snap to Our Story, it may be published and viewable by anyone.” With Our Story, Snapchat moves firmly out of the pure play messaging app territory and enters the social zone.

However Snapchat is still a new kid on the social media

Market stats:

Snapchat has 200 million average monthly users and was the fastest growing messaging app in 2014.

top 10 Fastest growing APP
top 10 Fastest growing APP
SnapChat : the New #CONTEN-DER for the On-The-GO creative consumer

4 + 4 Relevant Ways to Use Twitter for Competitive Intelligence and Market Research

Social Media under Web 2.0 has made engagement more meaningful. Apart from keeping consumer closer to loved ones, brand, quote, and unquote, Social platform has also empowered knowledge workers in the B2B scenario.

According to eBiz, Twitter is the 9th most visited website on the Internet. Teenagers to marketing dudes, Twitters’ penetration makes it an attractive option to conduct market research, understand competitive landscape, trends well within 140 character magic.

Relevance to Market Research (MR)

People communication/ P2P communication: it is an instant way to engage oneself and others on a relevant topic of discussion. Within seconds Market researcher can get feedback from multiple minds real time.

Follow relevant personalities/ influencers: Market research is about understanding the market trends. Trends are the experience researcher can gather from consumer as well as experienced marketing and sales people in various verticals. Twitter allows you to connect with the source of rich information, and one need to just pick what they are saying about the topic. Often market researcher need to read between the lines and should have the ability to pick the hidden trend and information to connect dots. This comes from micro-blogger easily / on daily basis.

Increase the MR scope:  According to Socialbankers, 66% of user-generated tweets mentioning brands are done via mobile devices. Hence on-the-go information providers leave rich information about customer experience, product experience, corporate moves every seconds. It widens the scope of listeners and make meaningful conclusions.

Consumer Insights: This is a big concern to service and product companies in technology, FMCG, manufacturing, etc. to stay as a constant listener to consumer feedbacks. Twitter makes it easy and relevant. The unprepared and raw communication stream is what once should gather, which is so rich and relevant to understand the consumer demands. This method is a direct access to enhance company’s responsiveness to consumer feedback. The best thing is it WOKS!

It is about understanding the #socilamedia language of consumer. Social media is a cluster of groups connected directly or indirectly with different thoughts and topics. Market researcher need to branch out to various groups and pick to make insightful conclusions.

Relevant to Competitive Intelligence (CI)

CI is most used or un-used term within knowledge management industries. Getting public information about your competitor is one thing and understand competitor move out of public information is an ART! It is not difficult to paint the perfect picture about your competition.

Follow industry speakers/ influencers: it is not necessary to connect with the competitor sales guy to get information. No one with do that. It might cost your jobs. But a CI champ can always meet the vendor, customer, users of the competitor products in B2C and B2B scenario. They throws relevant information and yes you should articulate the hypothesis to understand the upcoming smart move of competitor.

Ex-employees:  you got it! Connect with ex-executives and get the experience raw. They are writing 24/7 about the industry, the trends within the verticals – CI professions should grab it. Connect then via Groups, LinkedIn, blogs, etc

C-level executives open up in social media: call it strange or magic of social media people open up in social media. This is the best opportunity for CI s to connect and engage with them.

No free-lunches: Competitive intelligence teaches you the importance of barter system in knowledge management. So be prepared to give information if you need to complete your assignment. Simple! When you connect with industry through people – needless to say you should be full of updates. Otherwise Web 2.0 will reject you – engagement is when you give information you get two. Hence to enhance the twitter Knowledge Channel 2X market researcher / competitive intelligence professionals should learn the art of engagement. It is cost effective!

My experience reminds me how social media is cost effective tool to knowledge management.

It is fast – forget those phone call appointments and emails

It is relevant

It is real time

It is reproducible 

Thanks for reading

Author is 9 years’ experience into market research and competitive intelligence

4 + 4 Relevant Ways to Use Twitter for Competitive Intelligence and Market Research